Reflection of Homeless

Madrid is a beautiful city at times but it does have an ugly side.

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This entry was posted by Craig Strachan.

6 thoughts on “Reflection of Homeless

  1. Evey city has its homless people and you are able to reflect on that because you have a home. If you were a homless I don’t think that you would have liked an average Joe to say that you are an ugly aspect of the city (or the world). It’s easy to be a thinker when you have the basic means of living and much more…

    • Hi Andrei, thank you for the comment, I agree with most of what you are saying, but I also think you misunderstand what I am trying to explain here. When I say “ugly side”, this is not a personal attack on an individual or a group of individuals, but is in fact a comment on Madrid, it is not just a beautiful place to visit but it is also a place of human tragedy.


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